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S4P Radio, Special Episode, Dr. Marc Bubbs - Peak: The New Science of Performance that is Revolutionizing Sports

May 27, 2019

In this special episode of sleep4performance radio we are joined by our good friend Dr. Marc Bubbs. Dr. Marc Bubbs ND, MS(c), CISSN, CSCS is a Naturopathic Doctor, Speaker, Performance Nutrition Lead for Canada Basketball and former Strength Coach. Dr. Bubbs is the author of the new book Peak: The new science of performance that is revolutionizing sports - An integrated and personalized approach to athlete health, nutrition, recovery and mindset (released May 24th, 2019). Dr. Bubbs is a regular contributor to Breaking Muscle, and a nutrition advisory board member for Strong Magazine. He has been working with athletes, active people and clients striving to improve their health for almost two decades, using an evidence-based approach to nutrition, movement, and lifestyle modifications. Dr. Bubbs regularly presents at health, fitness and medical conferences across Canada, USA, UK and Europe and consults with professional sports teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB.

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