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Season 6, Episode 5 with Dr Ross DiCorleto on Occupational/Industrial Hygiene in the Workplace

March 11, 2021

Director/Principal Consultant Ross Di Corleto is an occupational health professional and a certified occupational hygienist with a diverse international and professional background across Africa, Europe, Canada, US and Australia. He has provided companies with advice and expertise on occupational health risk management systems and processes including problem-solving in existing & potential occupational exposure situations. 

Recognised by the professional community for his ability to review and identify key issues in occupational health systems both globally & regionally. He is an expert in various health-related fields including heat stress, exposures in the mining, refining and smelting industries with extensive experience in the management of airborne contaminants.

Ross’s professional career spans 40 years, with 15 years in the power industry sector and more than 25 years in mining, refining and smelting. This has equipped him with a unique understanding of occupational exposure risks and issues associated with the industrial activities across the full spectrum of the resources sector. 

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